Hosptal Hustle Game Revew

Rate 3 out of 5

Hospital Hustle is a customer service game. Just graduated from Medical School, it is time to start working. As the nurse, direct the patients to get diagnosed, pick up charts, dispense medicine, and clean up after the patients. Purchase upgrades and increase salaries to speed up the staff. Reach the daily goals for treatment of patients before the day ends to earn stars.

The characters are depicted as cartoon-like. The patients themselves offer some variation in hair color, coloring, and being female or male. Their basic shape remains the same. The doctors all look alike. The hospital is very simplistic even with the upgrades. The funniest part of the graphics is the x-ray machine and the surgical doctor knocking out patients.

The background music is annoying and does nothing at all to enhance the feeling of being in a hospital. The patients often make inane comments when picked up to be diagnosed. There phrases are repetitive, stuck with only saying very few phrases. At least there is a voice difference between the male and female patients. The beeping of the machine is the only slightly realistic sound. The ambulance sound is thankfully muted and spans only a few seconds.

Hospital Hustle does offer a different take on the customer service genre. The picking up of patients is nice from the standpoint that the nurse does not have to escort them to diagnostics. The ambulance is available for patients when the proper equipment is not yet purchased. The patients do come in at a fairly steady rate so the action remains constant. More than one upgrade can be purchased at a time. The income allows for upgrades to be purchased every day.

In the beginning, getting the charts and waiting for the proper chair takes a long time. Of course, this leaves plenty of time to clean up afterward. While more than one action can be performed, the charts cannot be clicked on until they appear. This can be annoying until the expenses are upgraded but that it not revealed until later.

Hospital Hustle is an average game in the midst of a deluge of other customer service games. There is really not a lot to make this game stand out of the crowd. The game is easy to pick up and play, but does not offer much more than that. This is a game I will not be purchasing unless it comes in a package deal.