Hottest Card Games for Christmas 2009

Christmas is just around the corner and card games make excellent gifts. Card games have always been a main staple in game playing and their popularity seems to only be increasing. There are number of excellent choices when it comes to card games. Card games are easy to learn and often quick to play. Card games can often range from young children to adults and create fun for the entire family.

There are a variety of games that can be played with a normal deck of cards. These games are not part of this review because the focus will be on newer card games that can be given as a Christmas gift. Here is a listing of some of the hottest card games for this Christmas.

Monopoly Deal

Parker Brothers recently released a series of card games based on their popular board games. Included among them is a card version of the classic Monopoly. Monopoly Deal plays much like the board game and has players trying to build sets of properties. The first player to gain three sets of properties wins the game. It may sound easy but getting the three sets can be difficult with other players forcing rent payments and stealing one another’s property. Monopoly Deal is definitely fast paced and fun to play. The average game is about fifteen minutes, a fraction of the time to play the board game.

Scrabble Slam

Another of Parker Brothers card games is based on the ever popular game of Scrabble. The dealer chooses a four letter word to start the game and all other players try to interchange one of the letters to create new words. There is no order of sequence; players just change the words as fast as they can lay down cards. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins. The game is simple to learn and difficult to play.

Phase 10

There are ten phases of matching sets that players must score each turn. Players who do not match the current phase cannot move to the next phase until it is completed. No player can move to phase two until they complete phase one and so on. One player may get stuck on phase four while others may get stuck on phase seven. The game can be fast paced and interesting. The game is also easy to learn and quick to play.

Uno Attack

The classic Uno game is given an interesting twist. Instead of drawing cards for any of the various draw cards, players must hit the attack button. Pressing the button will either release no cards, a few cards or many cards. The game also has cards that allow players to trade hands with others. Whoever is the first to get rid of their cards wins the hand.

These card games are among the hottest on the market today. These games are quick to learn and easy to play which makes them perfect for gift giving. Take some time to look some of these games over when considering any games for the next gift purchase. Any of these games can make an excellent choice for Christmas.