Hottest Crafts of 2009

Christmas is vastly approaching, when searching for a craft toy this holiday season think fun, and think educational. Craft toys are on the rise to the top of being the hottest new innovative toy for the holiday season. So what’s hot and what is not? Check out here for the hottest in craft toys for the 2009 holiday season.

This holiday season when shopping for the arts and crafts lovers on your list check out the new paperoni kits available on today’s market. Paperoni is a great form of art where colorful paper rolls create into 3-d pictures. The paperonis are glued onto a free style board or you can choose a special board like the butterfly mobile, dinosaur, or crazy bug pictures. Once your glue dries just peel the picture off and you have a stylish 3-d picture to be hung anywhere. Paperoni is a real hot craft idea this holiday season.

Next up on the hottest craft toy list is the Bright Hues creative wax stems kit. With this crafty kit your little one’s imagination can run wild. The stick to itself pieces can transform into flower and any animal decoration. Creative wax forms easily by hand into unlimited objects. This hot craft idea requires no glue, and is reusable. So, let their imagination run wild over and over again with this hot item. This is really a hot toy for 2009 and it is also non-flammable and non-toxic; a sure winner on the search for not only the hottest craft toys of 2009, but sure to be one of the safest.

If you are still searching for a craft toy that is also educational check out the Super Snow from Dune Craft. This hot little toy can be a craft or a science experiment and all you add is a little water and the magic begins. Teach your child about how snow is made with this hot craft toy idea. The Super Snow is also safe and non-toxic so if your special little one decides to taste the snow its okay as it is safe and contains no harmful toxins. This is really a hot craft and educational toy for the 2009 holiday gift giving season.

No matter who is on your holiday list this year pick up one of the holidays hottest craft toys and keep the fun alive. Craft toys are not only fun, but they can also be educational no matter what the uses may be the hottest craft toys will definitely be fun for people of all ages.