Hottest Dice Games for Christmas

Games are among the more popular gift items and dice games seem to be rising once again in popularity. Many people associate dice games with gambling but not all dice games are left to chance. There are some excellent dice games that combine skill and strategy with a little bit of luck. Here are some of the hottest dice games available for gift giving.


Yahtzee is the old standby dice game that players use the dice to make runs and various combinations to score points. Yahtzee is still popular and has a secure place among board games markets. The game may be older but it is still a classic and many people still enjoy playing. Yahtzee is a great choice for the dice game fanatic. Be sure that the recipient does not already have the game before buying.

Yahtzee Free for All

A new spin on the classic game has players trying to make specific objectives each turn. Each turn has player drawing cards and earning chips based on their ability to match one of the three matches on the cards in front of them. For example, a player may have three cards that are looking for a straight, a full house and a set of three sixes. If the player rolls one of those matching sets, they receive chips and whoever has the most chips wins the game. One interesting twist to the game is that matches and the chips of another player can be stolen. If another player gets a better set of rolls, they can steal the chips of someone else. The game is fast paced and fun for something a little different from Yahtzee.


Boggle is an unusual dice game since it is enclosed within a special case. Each of the dice, have letters on their faces instead of numbers. Players must use connecting letters to form words and various points are scored for the number of words found by each player. Any word written by two or more players is discarded and no points are awarded to anyone.

Boggle can be a bit complicated to learn but once the basics are covered the game is easy to play. Players would need to have a basic reading level and ability to form words. The game would be for older children and adults. Keep this in mind when selecting it for a gift.

Phase 10 Dice

Similar to Yahtzee in trying to make sets and runs but these are made in specific order. There are ten phases of matching sets that players must score each turn. Players who do not match the current phase cannot move to the next phase until it is completed. No player can move to phase two until they complete phase one and so on. One player may get stuck on phase four while others may get stuck on phase seven. The game can be fast paced and interesting. The game is also easy to learn and quick to play.

These dice games are among the hottest on the market today. These games are quick to learn and easy to play which makes them perfect for gift giving. Take some time to look some of these games over when considering board games for the next gift purchase.