Hottest Family Board Games for Christmas

Board games have a way of bringing people together and do so in an easy and effective manner. Gathering a group together around a favorite game is relatively simple and often even easier for families to accomplish. Many families believe that the best way to spend time together is to hold a game night.

When holding a family gathering or annual game night having the right game makes all the difference. Here are some of the hottest current family board games on the market.


Blokus is a unique strategy game that requires each player to creatively place their tiles on the board. The player who can place the most tiles of the board wins. Blokus does take some time to learn but can be incredibly fun. The game can be challenging for younger players.

Life Twists and Turns

The game of Life has always been popular but it can be a pain to put together and put all of the pieces away. Life: Twists and Turns has little in the way of assembly and everything is tracked electronically. The game play is quick and easy with no mess to clean up at the end. The electronic aspect of the game allows for easy adjustments to the length of the overall game. Twists and Turns is easy to learn and easy to play.

Connect 4X4

Connect 4X4 is a twist on the classic Connect 4. The object of the game is the same to connect four discs in a row. The twist is found in the dual grid. There are now two sides to the classic grid and players can gain the connect four by making four in a row using both sides. For example, a player may have two discs on side A and connect them with discs on side B to win. The game is challenging and a great deal of fun.

Monopoly Deal

Parker Brothers recently released a series of card games based on their popular board games. Included among them is a card version of the classic Monopoly. Monopoly Deal plays much like the board game and has players trying to build sets of properties. The first player to gain three sets of properties wins the game. It may sound easy but getting the three sets can be difficult with other players forcing rent payments and stealing one another’s property. Monopoly Deal is definitely fast paced and fun to play. The average game is about fifteen minutes, a fraction of the time to play the board game.

Christmas is just around the corner and board games make great gifts. Board games can bring families together for some healthy competition. Use these games as a quick way to get the people of your family together.