How art can deliver benefits for the wellbeing of the soul

A joke talks about someone who loses the key of his house and comes out of the house to look under the light. His wife tells him “You lost your key in the house and not on the street” and he answers that in the house there is darkness, but on the street, he can look better. Similarly, modern medicine  cures the body symptoms and not the person. It doesn’t look for the causes of sickness and it doesn’t face the root of evil.

All sicknesses are because of conflicts, emotional or mental, and because of negative characteristics of personality like fear, sorrow, desperation, absence of bravery etc.

For example, a conflict is that your soul has predicted for you a special task in life, and as long as you don’t do that work there is conflict and there is sickness. So you need to choose the soul and stop the brain. To choose the soul means to be busy with your emotional world.

I don’t think that there is another way to listen one’s emotions, discover one’s words and one’s conflicts except from art. Art means to express words, psychological problems. The most simple method is to keep a diary where the soul is expressed and tried to be cured.

Children paint when they are little, and they learn to write. But with painting they express what happens in their souls. When they grow up, an art gallery seems more important than the door of the fridge and professional painters take over. So, our soul stays dumb in front of a television or with useless books, homeless or killed from a hard life. Yes, killed by a hard life. The soul, if we want it to bloom, needs not to be hungry and needs a good, protected life.

To live artistically with your daily routine means to follow your soul. That is, to live more intuitively and to withdraw somehow from logic in order to receive the gifts of the soul. 

You live artistically because you are spontaneous, a source of joy and calmness that transforms everything around into song. Then you bring breakfast in bed for your husband, you collect flowers and you share them, you love everything and you help everyone. When you follow your soul, you live in harmony with the divine spark inside yourself and it is possibly the therapy of every sickness. But if you abandon the road that soul has decided for you, there is disharmony and sickness.

The teaching of all religions is “leave everything and follow me”. That means that you have to abandon yourself totally to the divine spark inside. Then you will be artists in life and free from every sickness.

The soul has pleasure when you give love around yourself and when you enjoy every sense that material life gives you. Dish washing is a ritual, cooking is a ritual. Folding the clothes, everything needs to be done with pleasure and so you give in simple things a little from the soul that is eternity.