How Art Relates to Life in General

One of the most distinguishing aspects of humanity and its nature is its ability to produce art. Since the very beginning there has been perfect evidence of artistic expression being a necessity of human life and individuality. Much of this evidence still stands as a testament through what archaeologists have found and recovered from the ancient worlds of human ancestors. If one were to examine such artifacts, even haphazardly, it would be impossible not to learn at least something from the people or cultures that created it. In truth it could possibly be viewed as the most natural form of learning about human history as a species, as a society, as individuals.

There is nearly nothing observed today that has not been put into some form of art or another and for a variety of different reasons. It seems people are driven to create something of themselves in another form, something that can be understood and remembered by a multitude of different people with alternate perspectives that do not reflect their own. Artistic expression is a way in which people can immortalize themselves and connect with the rest of the world; in a sense it is a form of pure communication.

What would mankind be like without art?

Imaginably if there did not exist the marvelous platform of art in the human world, human society would be a very flat and dense place to live in; an observation that is only truly acquired due to artistic vision, which everyone in fact possesses. Art is the way in which people interpret the world around them and without it they would not be the complex race that they are. There would be more of a basis on instinct; on hunting and gathering, being sustained by nothing but what is required to keep the population alive and healthy. Basic instincts are what fueled the minds of human descendants long before they developed the capacity to create art and be moved by it.

If not for artistic vision and the perspective abilities that come with it,  there may not be an understanding other people as individuals the way there is now, but rather as functioning parts of society. A person is judged based on the personality they possess, which many of them express through artistic means. Such individualistic qualities can be appreciated in others because humans can see deeper than exterior progression, which excludes art altogether.

What is meant by this is that for the most part,  people’s lives are no longer primarily based on how it works. They have distractions that make their time more enjoyable. They take the time to indulge in things that aren’t necessary to their survival and often feel like they can’t live without it, otherwise they get “bored”. For humans, art is energy, something that can’t be strayed away from for too long without making a person feel drained.

An example of this is a very, very long day at work. You work so that you can earn money and feed your family, which is extremely important. The more you work the less energy you have to feel happy or vital, and in turn one of the things you most look forward to when you have time away from work is the distraction that is your favorite television show or your favorite movie or book, which are all forms of artistic expression.

So what role does art play in  every day life?

For one thing, try going an entire day without listening to your favorite music. Most people are unable to escape the desire to listen to music that stimulates and comforts them, and that is because music is such a desirable outlet for thought and emotion; an art form that everyone can relate to. It’s something that has the ability to affect the way a person views life around them and a way for the artist who produces it to connect with the common man. Music is a staple of everyday life and it is one of the most poignant art forms in the world.

Anything created that is not actual reality can be viewed as art or be appreciated as such. Works of fiction such as books, movies, plays or poetry are all forms of artistic expression and things people see from day to day as a changing source of stimulation for their minds. People spend their hard earned money to go to movies, plays or concerts; things that distract them from the difficult mentality of the day that is caused by being overworked or overeducated in society.

Even people with relatively limited artistic abilities seek out the things artists create in order to feel enriched and more fulfilled. They see it as an outlet for emotions or thoughts that they don’t entirely know how to express themselves. Art has the ability to influence people in ways that many other things could never do, and because of that it is observed carefully and often appreciated greatly. It intensely provokes the internal mechanisms of anyone who manages to absorb it, and proof of that is in the censorship that is seen within the media. An example of such censorship can be found in regards to  the human body: nudity in many countries is seen as offensive, while in others it is embraced and pursued as a subject for art that is open for interpretation. What may move and greatly improve one society in terms of creativity, may offend another and that is because they take art seriously. It is the most socially powerful thing that is known and it is only available by perception; by the way it is seen.

Art and emotion

Most people are affected emotionally on a daily basis, whether it be something large and detrimental, like losing a loved one, or something smaller and much easier to overcome like finding out a favorite character died in a story. The reactions to these situations, in a way is art, because they are things that are beyond the primal level of understanding. They are capabilities that the ancient cavemen descendants did not possess.

Art relates generally to life in that it is the comprehension and expression of things that are higher and more complicated than basic survival instincts. People react to it every day, they absorb it constantly and seek it out for an unlimited amount of reasons. Art is one of the few things that separates humans from the animal kingdom and generates a propensity for relating to one another and finding compassion for not only those around them, but for themselves as well.