How do i Play an Evil Character in Dungeons and Dragons

Possibly the hardest choice you have in a Dungeon and Dragons campaign is the decision of alignment. Lawful good or Chaotic evil, lawful evil or chaotic good. In life good is hard you have you sacrifice and make the right decisions even when their not clear. You may find that in Dungeons and Dragons the case is quite reversed. It is obvious to see what decision you are “supposed” to make and will lead to good consequences and fame and fortune of people loving you. It is much harder in this game to play as a character that you know everyone will hate and the game as a whole will much more difficult for.

It is possible to make the experience far more rewarding than simply being evil. If you start your campaign as Neutral Neutral you can then take small steps towards which evil you would like to be. Chaotic Evil (basically completely messed up killing anyone and anything just for the fun of it) Neutral Evil (This is one of the most foggy alignments these characters won’t turn on their allies of the moment nor go out of their way to harm people and cause carnage, they will however manipulate the system and people to get what they want and have no reservations to killing whoever gets in their way.) Lawful Evil (These characters can be evil barons demon princes or anyone really they will obey laws, follow orders and generally seem decent… decent besides the fact that their actively plotting your death in the most gruesome way possible)

Now that you have picked an alignment, stick to it and slowly make your actions slowly reflect what you want your character become and as the game progresses be more and more forward. One of the main difficulties of becoming evil is if your party members are not. A slow process of becoming evil helps them to slowly become in-tune with it and you will drag them down the same route that you are headed. If they do not join you, you could always poison them in their sleep (you are evil anyway right?). If you are a full party of evil doers life will be a lot better on the whole.

There is only one negative to playing an evil character besides Mos Eisley (a wretched hive of scum and villainy) you will eventually not be welcome anywhere until of course you own everything which seems to be a positive.