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How Good are Wood Elves Dryads in Melee Combat in Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Handmaidens of the Enchanted Forest

Dryads are shape shifters able to amuse different forms from that of an Elf to their tree like war form that they use in battle.  Dryads are utterly alien to most other sentient beings even the Wood Elves and their motives are difficult to fathom.  When Athel Loren the enchanted forest is threaten the Dryads react to the threat with swift and deadly action

The only loyalty a Dryad knows is to the enchanted forest Athel Loren to other mortal creatures they are wicked and spiteful creatures that tolerate the Wood Elves only because the enchanted forest itself does.  Any who harm the forest can expect swift and silent retribution from the deadly Dryads.

Wrath of the Woods

Dryads are a core unit for a Wood Elves army in Warhammer.  They are equipped with razor sharp talons and the Forest Spirit 5+ ward save.  The only available option for Dryads is to upgrade one to a Branch Nymph.  Dryads have the following rules Skirmish, Forest Spirit and Fear.

Dryads are in my opinion one of the better units in the Wood Elves army especially as they are core.  With toughness 4 and the 5+ ward save from being Forest Spirits combined with the –1 modifier to be hit with missile weapons due to Skirmish Dryads are quite survivable able to take a lot and shrug it off.  Magical attacks are the only exception as they lose their ward save; Dwarvern war machines can also be another sore point for the same reason.

With 2 attacks at strength 4 each and the added advantage of skirmishers in particular being able to charge all round I find Dryads very versatile, also the way Skirmishers form up gives you that extra model or two which is an extra 2 or 4 attacks which all add up.  I find units of 10 or 12 work best being small enough to be manoeuvrable, just enough to take a few casualties whilst retaining enough bite to still do damage.  This sized unit is also still quite cheap.  Dryads are definitely my favourite core unit in the Wood Elf army.

Also remember Fear causes units who are not Immune to Psychology to automatically break if you outnumber them.  A movement of 5” also means you can move to threaten the flanks of slower moving armies forcing them to react to you.  I also find nearly anything can be brought down if you have enough Dryads to throw at it.  In most of my Wood Elf armies I take at least 3 units of 10 to 12, which shows you how useful I think they can be.

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