How Knitting Helps you to Fight the Winter Blues

Suffering from the winter blues is commonplace. The dark nights and the lack of light during the day can heighten depression and anxiety. Knitting is one way of combating those winter blues. Knitting like any hobby is absorbing and whilst concentrating on a knitting pattern the winter blues take a back seat. Sitting down and feeling sorry for oneself is not going to allay those winter blues.

For beginners the knitting project need only be simple, maybe knit a scarf or a cushion front. Take great care when choosing the color of the knitting wool, choose a color that is pleasurable to work with. Knitting with drab and dreary colors may not lift those winter blues. Also pay attention to the texture of the knitting wool, use wool that feels pleasing to knit with.

Many who knit are able to master the basic stitches and can knit as they listen. Knitting in silence can be pleasant but one may want to knit whilst listening to a favorite television or radio programme. Inviting friends to join in and create a knitting circle goes a long way toward banishing those winter blues. Knitting with friends whilst sharing a cup of tea and the latest gossip is uplifting.

Intricate knitting patterns such as Fair isle or Arran appeal to many accomplished knitters. This type of knitting requires immense concentration and whilst working to a pattern one is not able to think about anything else. Counting rows and working patterns puts those winter blues to the back of the queue. Above all the chosen knitting project should be manageable and enjoyable, an overly challenging piece of work could prove stressful.

Knitting baby clothes is a joy, knitting the tiny garments is an unequalled pleasure. Fight depression and anxiety by knitting gifts. The knitted gifts can be stored and given for Christmas or birthdays. The local church may require knitted goods for a bazaar and what could be better than to knit for a good cause. Knowing that knitted gifts have been sold to raise money for a worthwhile charity gives a feel good factor.

Pay a visit to the local knitting wool store can also help to banish those winter blues. The knitting store will be full of like minded people who are eager to chat about the latest wool on the market. Knitting on a tight budget can also be very satisfying, pay a visit to the local thrift store and search for wool that has been donated.