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How Owning a Digital Camera does not Make the User into a Photographer

Just as putting on a pair of tap shoes doesn’t make you a dancer, owning a digital camera does not instantly make the user a photographer. Digital cameras are awesome. They often make photographers look better than they really are, and they help the general public take better snapshots.

Most photographers study and practice their craft for years before they consider themselves accomplished photographers. They would expect others to do the same. Here are some prerequisites to becoming a photographer:

1. In order to be taken seriously as a photographer, it is important to understand the field of photography. There are many sub-categories under the term photographer. If you are serious about becoming a photographer, you may want to choose one of the sub -categories and concentrate on it. Some o f them are: fine art photography, nature photography, commercial photography, portrait photography, and wedding or event photography. Most photographers don’t consider folks who shoot pictures at family outings to be true photographers.

2. To be considered a photographer, you must understand and implement an understanding of photography equipment and digital darkroom techniques. Slowly, photographers are converting to digital rather than film photography. Some film photographers don’t consider you a photographer unless you shoot and develop using film.

3. To be considered a photographer and to succeed as a photographer, you need to develop and implement the artistic eye of a photographer. You need to understand and implement the elements of composition, exposure, color correction, movement, symmetry, framing, leading lines, rule of thirds, etc. Implementing your knowledge in these areas will elevate your skills as a photographer.

4. To be considered a photographer in business, you must have and implement a business plan, usually including the goals of your business and what you will do to attain them. Included in your business plan should be how you will market your work and how you will set about to fulfill and satisfy the demands of your customers.

Therefore, there is much more involved in being a photographer than buying a digital camera and shooting a few shots. Whether amateur or professional, owners of digital cameras are taking better and better pictures with the improvements in the technology. Professional photographers become a bit concerned about this as some amateur photographers elect to take their own wedding pictures and pictures for the family Christmas card, but the photographer who continues to refine their skills and knowledge will not have to fear that their careers will disappear. There will always be a need for the professional photographer.

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