How the Art of Story Telling Preserves our History

Folklore relies on the premise of storytelling. Story telling is the art of passing down customs, beliefs and traditions from generation to generation by telling stories and  sharing this rich tradition with others.The art of story telling encompasses the ideals, values and morals of our predecessors. There has to be a beginning, a middle and an end, because, without these important components the value in story telling is lost. There often has to be a moral to the story in order for it to have longevity and value.

How many times have you listened in wide-eyed wonderment at the stories your grandparents shared with you? More than likely, they held your interest  with stories of a by-gone era. These stories may have sparked your interest and left you wanting to know more about their lives. Before hearing their story, you had only your imagination to solve the mystery of their lives. Their life stories may have been filled with stories of tragedies and triumphs. 

How many of us have heard when a loaf of bread was only five cents  and the price of gasoline was well under a dollar for a gallon of gas? Surely, these stories sound like fiction or fantasy to some of us. Yet, there once was a time when life seemed to be a whole lot simpler. Those days seemed like the good old days to our generation. However our grandparents and great grandparents may have lived through the depression era and the cost of that five cent loaf of bread may have been over priced for some people during that period of time. This story tells of their resilience and fortitude to survive those hard times.

At times these stories may lead us to pine for those by-gone days. These stories often reveal our inner strengths and weaknesses. These important insights told through the art of story telling should continue to be cultivated  in our homes, churches, temples, synagogues and schools. The art of story telling is a fine art mastered by some that have the desire to share, care and inspire a bright future for the next generation.

The anecdotes offered in their story may have captivated your attention and left you wanting to hear more of their story. The famous author, Alex Haley, authored a book titled, “Roots.” This book told of the beginning and progression of a family that was sold into slavery. This story was relevant to many African Americans in this era, because it filled in the gaps of their rich history.

The ancestors of slaves may have been kings and queens in their native lands. If Alex Haley never authored this historic book of rich story telling that enlightened, entertained and enriched the readers and viewers of his detailed story of a fictional African family that was  sold into the abyss of slavery. The heritage of many people  are conveyed through the timeless art of story telling.

This art of story telling helped many African Americans unveil the history of their majestic beginnings on the continent of Africa. Many people from different countries  have migrated to different parts of the world.  The art of story telling will help immigrants to carry their traditions and values of their heritage with them wherever they choose to settle on this universe.