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How to Avoid Taking Burry Photos Digital Photography Tips Photo Tips for Clear Images

Many amateur photographers and beginners have problems creating focused and clear pictures.

Blurry images result when the photographer’s hands are shaky, if the object being shot moves, when the photographer selects the wrong photo regime or if the lens are unclean.

Practice and getting used to a camera can help a photographer produce cleaner, focused and more beautiful images. Photography is an art that can be mastered, even if you fail making significant progress in the beginning.

In order to avoid making blurry photos, follow these tips and suggestions.

• Get To Know Your Camera

Naturally, you will have difficulties taking quality images if you are unfamiliar with your camera.

Get to know the camera and its features before you start taking photos. Examine and compare the different regimes. Tweak the settings. Experiment with shutter speed, exposure and focus. Learn what each button does and how it should be used.

Many blurry pictures are the result of photographers being unaware how to use their equipment. Begin exploring your digital camera as soon as you get it.

• Take Many Photos And Practice 

Now that you know your equipment, you will have to start practicing. The old saying that practice makes perfect is very true, when it comes to photography.

Take as many photos of one object, as possible. Change the regimes and see which ones produce a blurry image. Once you see which regime results in the clearest image, start testing that one.

Once you are done, download and examine all the photos on a large screen. You will be able to spot the differences and to find out which photography practices and camera options result in the best photos.

• Wait For The Right Moment 

Photography is another. Sometimes, waiting for the right moment is more important than taking an image quickly.

Take your time and wait before you make a picture. Adjust the settings, keep your hands steady and determine what the focus of the photo will be. Once you have figured out all aspects of the process, you can take the picture.

• Image Stabilization 

Blurry images can be the results of shaky hands. If you have problems keeping your hands steady, you can purchase a tripod or a camera that has image stabilization.

A tripod will keep the camera steady and will help you get focused images even at night.

Image stabilization is a very useful digital camera feature. It deals with excessive movements that could result in blurry images. Most new cameras have an image stabilization option available.

• Test Your Focus 

Most digital cameras take some time to find their focus, especially if you are using the automatic regime to shoot.

Test the focus. Move from one object to another to see how long it takes for the camera to find its focal point.

A blurry photo could appear if you press the shutter button too fast. If you semi-press and hold it for several seconds, the camera will start focusing on the central object in the frame. When the display shows a clear image, you are ready to take a photograph.

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