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How to Behave in a Museum

Like anywhere else, there are ways to behave in a museum that are right and proper and ways that are not. Unfortunately, because most people so seldom visit museums, they never really learn how to behave in one once they find themselves visiting one. It’s not that complicated, all you need do is read on.

One of the main rules of most museums of course is to respect the rights of other people to enjoy as the museum as well while you are there. This means being reasonably quiet, respectful and treating those other people you see during your visit in respectful and polite ways. This includes using generally reserved sometimes hushed tones, walking at a reasonable pace if the museum is crowded, and not trying to push your way ahead to see the most popular exhibits. It also means acting in ways that show some respect for the artists that created the works you are there to see, as well as for the museum personnel that work so hard to make your visit as pleasant and educational as possible.

There are also other rules you should abide by, whether they are posted or not. For example, you should never, ever under any circumstances eat or drink while in a museum. Not only does it create a hazard for the displayed art, but it causes a mess in the museum that others have to clean up. And if your food detritus is left behind, it might attract rodents or insects that might also be harmful to the art. Thus, just never do it. Not only does it create problems but it’s considered rude, because eating food in an open public forum that is meant for other purposes is just not a way to show your respect for the place you are visiting.

Also, most museums either outlaw completely or ask that you please don’t use flash cameras while visiting a museum. The reason for this is the intense light from flash cameras can damage sensitive artwork.

And finally, you need to do everything in your power to control your children. Some parents seem to think a museum is a place where they can let their kids run free as the museum staff will keep them out of trouble, or something. This is faulty logic and goes against every a lot of the other rules of museum behavior. Not only should you keep your kids close to you when visiting a museum, you should also do your level best to enforce all the other rules of proper museum behavior.

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