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How to Behave in an Art Museum should i take Children to the Art Museum Art Museums being Polite

Visiting a museum can be an educational and entertaining experience. With such a wide variety of art museums open to the public, there is something for everyone when it comes to art museums. Whether you visit art museums regularly or are planning your first trip to a museum; it is important to behave properly when at an art museum. You need to be respectful of others around you and also careful around the artwork.

When first arriving at an art museum take notice of any signs or instructions at the entrance. A particular museum may prohibit all photography, have a dress code or limit the number of people allowed in one group. Most museums prohibit food and drink and have strict policies regarding bringing young children to museums. Following the rules posted or mentioned when buying your tickets will ensure a good visit for everyone. Failure to follow museum stated rules and expectations could lead to you being asked to leave with no refund.

Once inside the galleries of an art museum you need to be mindful of your surroundings. Bumping into other people can be seen as rude so you need to be observant. You also need to be careful around the sculptures and artwork. Accidentally bumping into or touching the artwork can not only damage often priceless works of art but get your removed from the museum.

Don’t cut in front of people or walk between a person and a piece of art. Many people come to art museums to relax and to appreciate the art. This means a person may stand in front of a piece of art for a few minutes simply taking it all in. Walking in front of them or blocking their view is extremely poor etiquette. You could liken it to blocking a TV while someone is watching it, or standing up blocking people’s views at a live event.

While you certainly are welcome to take time to admire and take in a piece of artwork, don’t linger excessively around a piece of artwork. This is especially true if the museum is crowded and others are waiting to view the artwork. Take enough time to read the placard for the piece of art and a few minutes to really appreciate the piece of artwork but move along when finished.

People often come to an art museum to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You may have noticed if you’ve ever been in an art museum, that it is relatively quiet. So quiet in fact that you can often hear the smallest sounds loud and clear. Keep talking to a minimum and if you need to talk; keep your voice low and make whatever you need to say to the point. Never use a cell phone in an art museum and if you choose to listen to headphones while viewing the art, keep them at a low volume. Wear shoes that aren’t going to make loud clicking noises with every step you take and limit the amount of loose jewelry or accessories that might make noise when you walk around.

Whether you regularly go to art museums or if you are planning your first time, follow these tips for proper behavior and etiquette while in an art museum. It will make your experience more enjoyable and allow those around you to have a great art viewing experience as well.

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