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How to Choose the best Educational Toys

It is important when looking for educational toys that your child will also have fun while learning something useful. Educational toys should hold a child’s interest, as well as the added factor of being a learning tool. Decide first what you want your child to learn, and if the toy you are considering is appropriate for the age of the child.

Studies have shown that the use of toys that expand a child’s mind can improve the IQ level. Scientists have also come to the conclusion that these toys can have a lifetime positive affect on a child’s mind, and how they think. While using these toys, children begin to think more logically, they become more active, and have a high level of stimulation when using these types of toys.

Ask yourself these questions before purchasing an educational toy:

Is the toy going to provide what you have in mind for teaching? Do you want to teach your child math, or vocabulary?

Is the toy well designed? The better designed the toy is, the easier it will be to teach your child.

Are you purchasing your educational toy from an established company? You may need questions answered about the particular toy further down the road.

Will the toy hold your child’s imagination? Your child should want to play with the toy for a long period of time, otherwise you are not getting your money’s worth, and the child will not be getting the education he, or she needs from the toy in question.

Would you tell others about the toy? If you think the toy is good enough to recommend to others you have made the right decision.

What is the educational value of these toys? What is your child going to get out of the toy education wise?

Are the educational toys fun? The more fun the child is having the faster they will learn.

– Recommended Educational Toys –

* Phonics Tiles *

These tiles help children learn about phonics. The children get hands on experience in dealing with tiles which have letters on them. Children will discover upper and lower case forms of the letters. Sounds also go along with the letters making children aware of certain sounds relating to each letter. This game comes recommended for pre-schoolers.

* My First LeapPad *

These electronic pads are full of educational workbooks, that guarantee fun for your child while learning. The number games are perfect for children as there are objects to count, and not just the number signs. The pad combines letters and numbers games in order to give your child a variety of learning experiences.

* Talking Clever Clocks *

This toy makes learning to tell the time a fun game, it’s a great learning tool for your child. It has both digital and analogue clock faces, there are also buttons to press that will make the clock say the time, with an interactive quiz to add to the equation. It is recommended for first graders as this is when most children are ready to learn telling the time.

* Talking Math Mat Challenge *

This is a physical as well as a mental challenge for children. The child actually steps on the mat to answer the questions. There are two levels, the first is simple addition and subtraction, and the second is learning to do numbers in sequence. This game is for 4 – 7 year olds.

Of course, there are numerous educational games on the market today. Parents will have to find the most appropriate game for their own child. The age group is also important as you don’t want to buy something that is too difficult for your child. Just remember, it is good for your child to have fun while learning, as they will want to use the toy more if they are having fun with it.

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