How to Display your Kids Artwork

One of the joys of having children is that you get to see their beautiful pictures they made just for you and you get to see how their creativity develops. But kids do like to draw and paint a lot so you may well end up with hundreds of pictures and nowhere to keep them.

If you want to display your children’s artwork without it cluttering up your beautiful home then you need to know how.

When it comes to displaying your children’s artwork, the first thing you need to remember is that you do not need to keep every single piece of art work that they bring home. And throwing the occasional piece away does not mean that you are a terrible person. It simply means that you do not have the space in your house for every single picture.

One of the most common ways to display kid’s artwork is on the fridge, but this can look incredibly messy and make the rest of your kitchen look untidy. Display one or two pieces maximum on the fridge to keep it looking neat.

For particularly good pieces then you can frame them and put them on the wall. Buy a nice, good quality frame and hang it in a prominent place so that your child can see how proud you are of their work.

Hang a washing line around your child’s room and use pegs to add new pieces to the line as they appear. Hang the pieces a good distance away from each other so they do not overlap and they can be enjoyed in full view.

If you are very short on space then you will need to be really creative. Take a picture of each piece of impressive artwork with a digital camera and buy a digital photo frame. Then you can see each piece of beautiful artwork without having to sacrifice any space.

Alternatively you can take a picture of each piece of artwork and turn it into a collage on your computer, you can have a static picture or you could use a slideshow as your screensaver or wall paper.

Get a large cork board and pin deserving pieces to it. Display the board on your children’s rooms so they can see their hard work.

If your kids like the idea then you could display their work on their bedroom wall. Simply stick all the great pictures up around the room and every time you go in you can see which beautiful new piece they have created.