How to Encourage Children to Enjoy Art Galleries and Museums

Because of the education value of visits to art galleries and museums, it is important that children enjoy such visits. This will improve the learning experience.

However, the child may need some encouragement in terms of the enjoyment. All too often, they may see such visits as a chore rather than an invigorating and wonderful experience. Therefore, your task will be to provide that encouragement.

How does one achieve this aim? The first, and perhaps most important way is to fully involve them is the visit. It is very easy for the adult themselves to become so involved with the display that they forget to involve the child in the pleasure they gain from it. This position should be avoided. You must involve the child and this can be achieved by explaining what you in the exhibit. Similarly, where it is known, you should also provide a history of the exhibitor, in the case of art the artist, and how and why he or she is so renowned.

All of these discussions and descriptions should be given in an exciting and interesting manner. For younger children a story-like approach may have the desired effect. For older children the essence is to get them involved with what you are talking about.

In some galleries, the task is made somewhat easier by the interactive nature of some exhibits. However, you should continue the basis of involvement in the historical or technological aspect of the item, to enhance the learning.

Children respond positively to adults, particularly their parents, when they are treated with respect and included in conversation. They also learn an enormous amount from this sort of experience.

Encompassing children totally within the art gallery or museum visit is the best way to encourage their enjoyment.