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When we think of auctions, we instantly think of eBay, one of the best and easiest ways to find both new and old items on auctions.  Rarely do we think about local auctions in the local area or community we live in to find great finds. 

Local Auctions

Community newspapers and local classifieds are great ways to find announcements of local estate sales or storage auctions.  There is a great show, on A&E called Storage Wars, where four estate buyers or thrift store owners actively attend storage warehouse auctions and bid against each other to find treasure of great value.  The bidder that makes the most money off of their finds in the storage lot is the winner.   I was unaware of the storage warehouse auctions that are abandoned and sold at these auctions where the buyers really are buying these storage lockers blindly because they can look inside the storage but not inside the boxes or bags inside and only have a few minutes to decide to bid or not.  The buyer could be buying worthless items or might get lucky and find good items.   The last show, one of the bidders found a coin collection valued at nearly 4,000 the auction was in the California area and it’s not too say that everyone bidding on these auctions will have the same kind of luck .  

Estate auctions have always been the best source of finding great items locally, especially vintage furniture.  Estate auctions are announced in advance in classifieds to get a large group to attend and to advertise to collectors or antique dealers to come to purchase.  Estate auctions are great places to find amazing deals, but only if you know what to purchase, so bring your collector guide books.    

Besides eBay, other auction sites

There are so many different, new, amazing auction sites that have a different type of merchant such as Ruby lane, which sells only antique items that are 100 years or more. Etsy is a great auction site that sells original handmade craft items from merchants online; in addition there is a vintage section that sells collectibles and antiques.  Heritage Auctions, or, is an auction house that sells antiques and collectibles, which are both high end and moderately priced. 

There are so many different auctions and antique dealers that sell online, a great investment or a beautiful collectible treasure can be found.  Some other great auction sites include and; amazing deals can be found online. 

There are now so many different choices to find great deals and bargains online, but eBay remains the most popular option because of the high volume of sales and the traffic it receives online. Also, it’s still great to find that great treasure.   Some great tips about finding auctions is research online and the classifieds, have fun at estate auction sales, and buy what you like; you can’t go wrong.