How to Find the best Weapons in Fallout new Vegas

Weapons are arguably the most important key to achieving success in Fallout: New Vegas just as they have been in previous Fallout titles. Weapons come in a wide variety of different styles and forms including melee and ranged weapons and one of the best features in Fallout is the ability to modify weapons to create unique models and variations. There are countless weapons in Fallout: New Vegas with countless ways to find them also and therefore, if you are looking for a means of weapon farming in Fallout: New Vegas to gain access to the best and most unique weapons in the game, there are many pieces of advice that can be offered to help you on your weapon farming quest.

One of the best weapon farming tips that can be offered is to take other people’s weapons from them. Throughout the game, no matter where you go, you will come across friend and enemy alike, many of which have their own unique collections of weapons and ammunition as a means of survival in the New Vegas wastelands. If you come across an enemy in the wastelands that attacks you with a strange weapon, kill them and forage their weapons whereas if you come across a villager in a town or city that seems to have a unique weapon attached to their person, stealthily find the best way to kill them to claim your reward. Following them home at night or sneaking into their home while they sleep can prove to be one of the best means of weapon farming in the game.

Another effective means of weapon farming in Fallout: New Vegas is to actually travel the wasteland. Mere exploration can grant you access to abandoned buildings, caves and hidden villages and towns that can in turn showcase unique enemies and unique areas which in turn have their own weapons for you to forage and use to your advantage. This can also prove to be a great way to farm ammunition to power your guns. You can also use the travelling merchants to your advantage and the many weapon shops throughout the game. Sell your old stock and explore to find the best shops with the best stock as a means of farming the best weapons in the game to use to your advantage.

Fallout: New Vegas is arguably one of the most sought after games of the year and it certainly took steps to stand out as a viable successor to Fallout 3 by taking its best qualities and using them to its advantage. Weapon farming is still a prominent sight and a fun pastime to undertake in Fallout: New Vegas just as it has been in previous titles. If you are looking for the best means of weapon farming, simply take to the wastelands and lay waste to enemies that cross your path and explore the towns and cities to find villagers with their own unique weapon stockpiles that you can indulge in. You can even simply explore the wastelands and find hidden locations with their own unique weapon stocks as well as simply use shops to your advantage. If you are looking for the best weapon farming techniques to help you find the best weapons in Fallout: New Vegas simply utilize the aforementioned tips and strategies to your advantage.