How to Frame an Image for best Results

So you’ve got your digital camera and you want to make the most of the technology by creating some brilliantly composed images? Now where to start? The first step to framing your picture for the best results is to just stop and look through the lens (if a DSLR, screen if a compact) and observe the view. Imagine what the final result will look like.

If you are adhering to the rule of thirds then you will want landscape photographs to have the sky (if less interesting) taking up one third of the photograph. The land and possibly even some sea can then take up the remaining two thirds. If your landscape photograph is placing focus on a particularly striking sky then try to show this in your photograph, remembering to keep horizons as straight as possible.

When photographing people; a common misconception is that subjects must be placed in the centre of the framed picture. However, the human eye’s natural reaction is to look to either side of the frame. If you place your subject on the left or right dividing line according to the rule of thirds then it will draw in the attention of the viewer of your photograph much more.

Another way to frame your picture for best results is to consider what the main focus should be on. If you are able to adjust the apeture on your camera (make f-stop numbers low) then you can set your digital camera to Manual Focus and make a close-up image in focus whilst having the background slightly blurred. This helps the viewer to be attracted to the right part of the photograph rather than having to keep focusing on a variety of details in the picture. Sometimes the simplicity of the outcome of this technique creates a nice arty photograph which looks professional and has meaning.

The last thing to remember when out and about with your camera is to look through the lens as though you are seeing the image on paper or on a computer screen. It’s easy to take advantage of the digital technology by photographing hundreds of things in a matter of minutes but if you stop and take your time, you will benefit in the long term. Once you have creative and intriguing final prints in your hands you can think about framing your pictures to make the most of the scene. For a modern and effective look, black frames are perfect. Adding a mount to your photograph also adds depth to the framed image and makes it much more professional looking. Thin frames will keep the focus on the photograph unlike complex thick frames which would take the attention from the image, which is the most important part of your picture.