How to get Started in Photography

The easiest way to get started in photography is grab any camera and go for a walk. This could mean walking around your living space and looking for stark contrast in colors that grab the eye. A quick click and it’s yours forever. There’s the sun beam bouncing off the counter, splashing a spectrum of colors across the opposite wall.  Both offer the opportunity for great pictures.

Outside, the world offers unlimited opportunities for memorable moments. The time has come to dive into the world of photography

So often those getting started in photography get caught up in the question, is the camera good enough?  The advice from many well-traveled photographers is similar, “it’s what the eye sees that’s most important.”  Do not worry about the equipment when starting out. At some point, if there is a real interest, moving up the cost ladder will be easy for you as the photographer will know what camera best suits your needs.

Still, there is a tremendous amount of information available at your fingertips. The many websites offering information can be daunting, but remember there are no hard sales here. When starting out in photography, the first camera purchase is the sweetest. So take time to look at all makes and models. Is it important that the camera fits inside a pocket or purse? How about the style or color of the camera? Care to take more close up photos than of objects far away? How about night shots versus bright sunlight?  Certainly today’s digital models offer multiple settings for any conceivable condition, but through research what is best suited for you will be found.

What happens after that special moment is caught in time? Is the intent to hold the photos in the camera memory? Be sure to review the cameras storage capabilities. No photographer wants to lose a photo due to an overloaded memory. Once again each camera will vary with the internal storage capability so it needs to be reviewed. Additionally, a memory card that offers the ability to store hundreds to even thousands of pictures can be purchased as an addition.

Depending upon your wants and needs, consideration should be given to a few extras such as a tripod or the newer models known as gorillapods that actually wrap around an object while holding the camera steady. A good cleaning kit is recommended. When used often a camera will get dirty including the lens. A dirty lens will have a significant effect on your masterpiece. A camera case will also help in keeping unwanted dirt away when not in use and protect during transportation.

Reality is, getting started in photography is not a major undertaking, but can be a life changing experience. The hardest step is the first; starting. Go ahead, purchase a camera and take a walk.