How to increase your Lego collection

Whether you’re a long-time Lego builder or want to increase your kids’ Lego brick stash, you might be wondering how you can increase your collection without shopping at the Lego store. With the following tips, you can add to your bricks and maybe save some cash along the way.

Scope out The Freecycle Network

Does your community have a Freecycle group? If so, then consider scoping out your local page for offers of Lego bricks, which you can pick up for free. You can also place a “Wanted” ad asking for Lego bricks, and can even specify if you’re looking for a particular set or type of Lego bricks, like bricks in a certain color or size. You’ll have to be quick in responding to offers, though, as Lego bricks are popular.

Check out your favorite thrift store

Secondhand shops are great resources for finding Lego bricks. It’s a win-win situation; you get to increase your collection without spending too much money, and your purchase helps fund an organization. The downside to shopping at thrift stores, though, is that Lego bricks can be snapped up right away. To make it easier for you to buy Lego bricks, ask the thrift store’s staff when items are typically placed on the shop floor. If a thrift store generally displays items as soon as possible, you might have better luck buying Lego bricks during the weekend, when people typically clean out their homes and drop off donations.

Shop at garage and rummage sales

Garage and rummage sales are other avenues to explore when it comes to buying Lego bricks. To make it easier to find sales in your area that are offering Lego bricks, you can set up a Google Alert. Use keywords like “garage sale,” “Lego” and your zip code or city’s name when setting up the alert. If you’re purchasing Lego bricks through garage and rummage sales, though, prepare to be flexible with the type of bricks you find. For example, sellers might be selling Lego sets that are missing bricks or even instructions. If you’re just looking for a way to add Lego bricks to your collection, shopping at garage and rummage sales is a practical and economical way to do it.

Network for Lego bricks

Ask your family and friends to keep you in mind if they are thinking of getting rid of their own Lego sets. If the collection is substantial, you might want to offer to buy the bricks from your family and friends. As with the other tips above, you can’t be too picky when asking for Lego bricks, as the sets your friends and family have might be missing pieces.

Join a Lego brick exchange site

For those who focus on building Lego creations, not just any Lego brick will do. If you’re looking for a specific brick or minifigure to complete your project, then you might want to join a Lego brick exchange site. You can swap or sell the Lego bricks you no longer need for those that will complete your creation. Buying Lego bricks just for a project can also keep your own collection from getting out of hand.

Whether you look online or scope out garage sales, adding to your collection does not need to be expensive. If you just want to add to your collection, you can likely luck out and pick up a number of Lego bricks.