How to keep Score in Uno

Since it was first created in 1971, UNO has grown to become one of the most popular card games in the world.  Because of its simple rules, young children with basic math skills can play it. And there’s enough strategy and chance involved to make it fun for adults. It’s a perfect game for families. And, with a retail value of only $5.99, it’s an inexpensive way to pass the time.

For the few people in the world who haven’t played it, UNO is a card game published by Mattel. It’s very similar to Crazy 8’s and anywhere from two to ten players can play. To win the game, each player tries to get rid of all the cards in their hand. They do this by matching the color or face value of their card with the one on the discard pile. Special cards, such as Draw Four, Reverse, or Wild, can drastically change the outcome. The full set of official rules are included with the game and can also be found on many web sites. You can find UNO at toy shops, department stores, Mattel’s website, and various other retail and Internet shops. 

Official Way to Score

Keeping score in UNO is fairly simple. Once a round is finished, the winner of that round gets all the cards that are still in the other player’s hands. He or she adds up the point value of all cards and notes those points on a score sheet. 

The cards with a value from zero through nine count up as that numerical value. Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two are all worth twenty points each. The black cards, Wild and Draw Four, are fifty points each.

For example, if the cards are 2 Skips, a Draw Four, a three, and a nine, it would tally up like this:

Skip – 20 points

Skip – 20 points

Draw Four – 50 points

Three – 3 points

Nine – 9 points

In this scenario, the winner has a total of 102 points.

When one player accumulates a total of 500 points, the game is over and that player wins the game.


Those are the official rules but many people keep score in a different way. When a round ends, each player tallies up the cards in their own hand and notes it on a score sheet. The game ends when somebody reaches 500 points. The person with the lowest score wins the game.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to stop a game at 500 points. You could play a short game that ends at one round or 100 points. Or you could go for an all-night marathon session that ends at 2500 points.


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