How to Make a Lego Custom Clone

Do you know what LEGO is? Yes, it’s those bricks that you can use to create almost anything. But starwars LEGO is more, because you imagine anything from starwars and make it. See something in the movies or cartoon shows that isn’t available in Lego’s? You can’t just sit there, why don’t you just make it.LEGO custom clones take patience, creativity, and basic knowledge to make. So what is exactly this skill? If you see something from the starwars movies or something in your imagination and you feel like you want that in LEGO form how would you make it? There some ways that you could customize your clones, depending on what you would make it. Altering the appearance.

If you are taking something from a movie or cartoon, you would want to examine the clone, like the helmet shape, and paint all around the body. It takes skill to judge what would work best, like using tape or markers/paint for example. But if you are making one out of your imagination, you would have to know exactly how to make it. If you need lines and shapes on the main body or legs, you would use paint or PERMANENT marker. But remember that legs bend, so if you paint certain spots it would come off while if you used maker, it would not come off, but if you examined closer, markers look alittle uneven.This is sort of the same thing on some of the arms, because they brush against the body, so the paint may come off. If you are deciding to paint the body, you might want to cut invisible tape in the lines that you are going to paint, then pain the invisible tape, applying the tape to the clone later. If you examine the arms and some parts of the helmet, you can see that they are curved, so tape would be hard to use. This is where you really need to think, because if you are using permanent marker or something, it will be a long time until it comes off. So, what you would need to do would be that to take the part off and paint or Sharpie very very carefully. There are other ways to change the appearance of your clones, by adding or taking away/switching various things. Perhaps you are making a clone that uses the colors mainly red, then you might want to switch one of the legs around to red, or changing the body with a body from the clones in the older movies, or “Storm troopers” It’s harder than everyone thinks, but with patience, you can make a decent clone army.

Remember, that it takes patience, creativity, and basic knowledge, but once you start, you will just get better and better.