How to Make a no Sew Blanket

No sew blankets are a very attractive accessory to make a statement in the home. They are also very easy to make so they can be made as a last minute gift for a baby shower or a house warming party. This is one method that can be used to make an attractive no sew fleece blanket.

The material that is going to be used for the blanket will be purchased from a local fabric store. If the intended user of the blanket is a child, one yard of fabric will be needed. If the blanket is going to be made for an adult, two yards of fabric will be required. There are actually two choices that can be made at this point. One option is to make a lighter weight blanket with which only one layer of fleece will be required. Alternatively, a reversible fleece blanket can be made which will require two pieces of fleece (typically one printed piece and one corresponding solid color).

After purchasing the fabric for the blanket, the other materials that are required to complete this quick and simple project are a ruler and also a pair of scissors.

Begin prepping the material by trimming off the frayed ends of the material (the salvage). If a reversible fleece blanket is the project that is being done, place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other with the right sides facing out.

Now decide how long the fringe should be. Typically the depth of the fringe on these kinds of blankets range from three inches to five inches. Once the depth of the fringe has been decided, cut a square out of each corner of the blanket the depth of the fringe.

It is now time to cut the fringe into the blanket. This can be quickly done by using the corners that have been cut out as a guide. Cut slits into the fabric that are the same depth as the squares that have already been cut into the fabric. This should be done on all four sides of the blanket. These slits should be approximately one inch apart. It doesn’t have to be perfect though as it really won’t be noticeable on the completed blanket.

Once the fringe has been cut around the blanket, it is now time to begin tying the fringe together to give the blanket a more completed look. If the blanket that is being worked on is a reversible type of blanket, then tie the fringe from the top layer to the fringe on the bottom layer. This should be completed using overhand knots. If the blanket is a lighter weight fleece blanket, then fringe pieces that sit next to each other can be tied together.

One of the most beautiful things about these no sew blankets is that each one will be unique. There will never be two blankets completed using this method, that will ever be the same.