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How to Make a Seed Bead Ring

Seed bead rings are fun and easy to make. The materials are relatively inexpensive, depending on what kind of ring you want. Anyone can make seed bead rings. In fact, this project would be perfect for arts and crafts classes or for making a large volume of rings for sale.

To make one seed bead ring, you will need to first design the ring. Determine what kind of style or design you want to make. Are you going to use different colors? How big or wide do you want the band to be?

After you have made a decision on the colors and patterns that you want to use, you will need size 11o or 15o seed beads. The 11o beads are easier to work with and actually still look good on the hands. However, if you want the beads to be less conspicuous, the 15o work great. Your work time will probably be doubled, however.

Use any bead embroidery needle that fits easily through your beads. Choose a thread that matches your beads’ colors. If you are using more than one color, use any thread that matches any of the colors. Nymo size D thread works fine, but even thinner threads could be used. Try to use a length that will cover the whole length of the ring. Tying on new string can result in knots that will be difficult to pull through very small beads.

Your seed bead ring will be made using square stitch. Square stitch basically allows your beads to line up along each other. Peyote stitch, on the other hand, would work but the beads will be slightly moved to the left. Square stitch is easier to work with because you can easily make a design that will match the stitch.

If you do not know how to make square stitch, here are the basics: If you are making a ring that is four beads wide, start by stringing on four beads. String on a fifth bead, and then go back (with your needle) through the fourth bead by going left to right. The fifth bead should now sit on top of the fourth. Go through, with your needle, the fifth bead from right to left. String on the sixth bead. Go through the third bead on the first row, going from left to right. Do NOT go through the fourth bead. Go up and through the sixth bead just strung, going from right to left. Repeat this until you get to the end of the row, and continue as if you were starting the second row again.

Continue with square stitch until you have 2 ¼” of beads. This will make a size 6 ½ – 7 ring.

When you are done with the square stitch, you can now form the ring. Do NOT cut off your thread once you are done making the stitches. Go back through the second to last row and then go through the last bead just stitched. Go through the last bead of the last row of the other end of the ring. You should now start forming the ring. Continue in this manner until the ring is fully formed and the ring is secure. 

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