How to Make a Wooden Jewelry Box

If you are at all handy with wood-working tools and would like to make a gift for someone this Christmas, you surely can’t go wrong with a jewelry box made out of wood. And while it’s not exactly necessary that you have some good tools or machines for working with wood, it certainly would help. At any rate, to make a wooden jewelry box, follow the directions below.

The first thing you should do, as you should with any wood-working project, is draw a picture of how you want your finished product to look. Jewelry boxes can be simple, such as a plain box with a lid, or they can be fancy, such as a box with felt inside and shelves and carvings on the outside, and perhaps a music player embedded underneath; the choice is yours. The directions here are for a simple box with a hinged lid and some plain felt inside.

Once you have your picture drawn, add actual physical dimensions, or better yet, redraw the whole thing to its actual size, and then write down what those dimensions are. This will help you to see exactly what you are shooting for the whole time you are working.

Then, you need to decide if you wish to have anything inside the box. It is common to have little shelves that hold different sized things inside, and sometimes even little drawers. Also, it is very common to have a little mirror on the inside of the front cover. Again, it’s all up to you and to how confidant you are in your abilities.

Once you have your box completely designed, you then need to go get your wood and hinge and anything else you wish to use on the box, such as felt, mirror, shelf wood, etc.

If you don’t have a power saw you will need to get the guy at the hardware store to cut your wood to the lengths you need. Be sure to include all the pieces, they will be: (1) bottom, (2) short sides, (2) long sides, (1) top, (2) short inside lid strips, and (2) long inside lid strips.

The lid strips are the pieces of wood you affix to the inside of the lid so that there will be a small space in the lid between the sides and the inside of the top; in essence an upside down box with very low walls.

The final step is assembling the pieces, and with a small jewelry box, the best way is to use very small two sided nails and wood glue. Start with the bottom, affixing the walls to it one at a time. The two sided nails should be used to connect the walls to the bottom piece then all you need is wood glue between the sides.

The lid can be made following the same idea, only you make it upside down so that the walls are pointing up, instead of down the way they will be once they are connected to the box.

Let everything dry for at least a day, then screw on the hinge, glue on the felt, and that should be it. You can of course do all kinds of other stuff to it, such as stain and varnish it, but that is left to your individual taste.