How to Make Custom Lego Clones

LEGO custom clones, like anything with the word custom in it, it requires skill above all, and own creative ideas. There are endless ways to make your own custom clones, whether you want to make some from the moves/cartoon shows or just invent your own. It’s freedom to do whatever you want, make anything you want. Here are things you could do.

Altering appearance: This one is key to making a sweet custom clone. Whether it’s just taking a Sharpie and putting a little color here and there, or using decals (Applying a design like a sticker) on your clones. First, you want the clone to look cool, yet not too much marker or paint to make it look like he’s a decorated clown. If you are just making clones from movies, say Commander Cody, it’s good to have a good picture of the clone, and see if detail involves something harder like painting instead of just using a marker (Permanent of course!) Some ways to make good clones are to cut tape accordingly, then coloring the tape. Decals are a little bit harder then paint or markers, because you actually have to print them out then glue them carefully.You can even drill holes in places that don’t have them, and then attach anntenas or radar cables to make them look even cooler. Remember: it’s creativity.

Molding/casting: If you are making a whole new helmet or body to your clone, you want to use this method. It’s hard, but when successfully done, very rewarding. If you are making a heavy trooper, a scuba trooper or anything of this sort, it would have to be done by this method because LEGO does not make these. It is also possible to alter the helmets or bodies to look different so that it looks like something you are creating, by adding Silly Putty or Model Magic. This is CREATING A WHOLE NEW LEGO PIECE and requires certain skills of molding and casting.

Adding your own touch: If you think a clone should have a jet pack or a special weapon of some sort, then add it! It could make a clone way better, and it’s easy as long as you have LEGO. Sometimes, if you find other LEGO things from other sets, you can incorporate it into your clone. Something like this would be taking a jetpack from a space LEGO set, and adding it to a Aireal trooper.

In conclusion, It’s really easy to make your own clones. Endless combinations make it so popular, spreading the world of Starwars. Another key tip is to keep on collecting LEGO sets, because combining older LEGO’s with newer ones make very good clones, because the older parts would be “rare”.