How to Make Holiday Crafts from Puzzle Pieces

Holiday crafts are a great way to keep young and old occupied in the days and weeks over December and January when most of the Western world pauses for end of year festivities, Christmas celebrations and other traditional holidays. Novelty can be added to craft projects by using a common but often overlooked household item – the puzzle piece.

There are many craft options that can use unwanted puzzle pieces. Those puzzles that are beyond repair because of the number of missing pieces, and those which cannot be recycled or used in any other way, are ideal candidates for re-using in holiday craft. Whether you are aiming to make a themed project around traditional Christmas symbols like snow and reindeer, or simply want to create an interesting item, puzzle pieces offer lots of scope.


Puzzle pieces can be used in paper and cardboard models to add strength and interesting texture to the finished item. Simply glue the pieces to the outside of the model and coat with paint or glitter to get a novel finish to papier mache and similar. Whether you are building the wall of an indoor playhouse, or making a model village, the puzzle piece will be a great addition. Make some puzzle pieces to accent parts of the model by painting them separately with sparkling paint or glitter to create highlights.

Christmas Trees

Children love Christmas trees and making one with puzzle pieces will keep them amused for hours. First the puzzle pieces need to be painted with bright green paint. For young children this is a great activity in itself. Both sides of the piece should be painted so allow drying time in between. Use different shades of green to create different layers. Use brown play dough or modelling clay to create the trunk of a Christmas tree rolling it into a cone shape and then stick in the green puzzle pieces to create the leaves of a traditional Christmas tree.

Artificial Snow

Painting both sides of puzzle pieces with left over gloss white paint can help transform them into make believe snow flakes. Add some silver glitter to a few pieces to make a frosty coating, or stick shreds of cotton wool for a softer effect, and scatter them around for table decorations, or use for pretend play.

Left over puzzle pieces can be used in a variety of ways in holiday crafts. For more ideas see family craft ideas for other ways to get hours of fun from novel projects, while creating a delightful addition to holiday decorations.