How to Organize a Lego Collection

Organizing a Lego brick collection can be quite a daunting task, especially if it contains thousands of bricks. Whether you are a professional seller or casually build, it is a good idea to organize your pieces so you know where they all are.

If you are going be selling your bricks online, you should catalog them all online so you and your customers know exactly what you’re selling.  This takes some time, but is an excellent way to keep track of your Lego bricks.

The majority of this guide will cover how to organize a system for more casual builders, as professionals probably already have their parts tracked in an inventory system. For people with a big pile of Lego bricks who just want like pieces to be together, I recommend grouping in three main areas: bricks, slopes, and accessories.  You can then group these pieces into smaller subcategories from here.


After you separate the pieces into three main piles, take a look at the brick pile. These are any standard Lego bricks and plates that do not have any kind of slope or unusual features. They can be further sorted into regular Lego bricks by size, and plates (pieces that have 1/3 the height of regular Lego bricks) also by size. Group similar pieces together, and obtain some kind of container system to store them in.


These pieces are Lego bricks with a slant or curve. They are fairly common, although this pile should be much smaller than the regular brick pile. You can further sort these by size or shape, as well as type (for instance, putting all of the arch pieces together). It may be a good idea just to put all of this kind of Lego into a large bin, if you do not have very many of each piece individually.


These pieces are basically every other kind of Lego piece. Sort them into different groups, such as minifigures, car tires, windows, base plates, and minifigure accessories. This part of the collection contains many different kinds of pieces, so you might want to use lots of smaller containers to group them. 

After you have sorted the pieces and placed them in containers, it is a good idea to label the outsides of the containers so that you can keep the collection organized correctly and know where everything is. Good luck organizing, and have fun building with your Lego bricks!