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How to Play a Sorcerer in Dungeons Dragons 3rd Edition

The Sorcerer in the 3rd Edition Rules of Dungeons and Dragons is a surprisingly versatile character class.  They may not be as powerful as Wizards when it comes to spell casting, but they make up for that lack of ultimate power with a ton of other advantages.  New Players tend to shy away from spell casting classes, as they are typically more involved, but the Sorcerer is one that should be considered.

The biggest advantage Sorcerers have is in spell casting freedom.  The number of known spells is limited more so than any other primary spell casting class.  However, there is no need to decide on spells before hand, which allows Sorcerer players to be more ready for any situation.  Possibly even better is that The Sorcerer gets a greater number of spells that can be cast in a day.  Even at very early levels, Sorcerers almost always have one more spell that can be used in battle, or when orienteering a dungeon.  At higher levels, it would take 30 rounds or more before a Sorcerer could run out of spells.

A second advantage of The Sorcerer is the ability to wear armor.  Doing so does make for a chance for spell failure, but there are situations from time to time when a Sorcerer may be better off wearing some armor, and holding onto a more powerful weapon than a staff or sling.  The weaponry advantage can be used at any point.  Spells like, “True Strike” are much more useful when using a cross bow than say, a thrown dart.

For games with a stronger emphasis on Role Playing, The Sorcerer has the best advantage of all.  Charisma is the attribute that ultimately determines how good a spell caster a Sorcerer is.  Meanwhile, all the best non-combat skills are based on Charisma score.  Playing a Sorcerer allows players to be the best combatant they can be, while also being the best role player they can be.  And with easy access to non-prepared spells, such as “Charm Person,” a Sorcerer can often prove to be the most valuable party member in a non-combat situation.

While The Wizard will always be the supreme spell caster in the D and D universe, there is most certainly a place for the never ending well of spellpower known as The Sorcerer.

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