How to Play a Spellthief in Dungeons Dragons 35

There may be no more intriguing character in all of Dungeons and Dragons than the Spell Thief.  As the name might suggest, this character class is a combination of spellcaster (more of a sorcerer than say, a cleric) and rogue.  One might ask, “Why not just multi-class?”  Good question, and the correct answer is, “Multi-classing might work for some, but The Spell Thief is unique.”  He or she IS unique too, as this class makes for the ultimate robber.  A combination of manual dexterity, and magical enhancements and cantrips means there are no locks that cannot be picked, no guards that cannot be snuck past.  Every goal is attainable, and there is a lot less luck involved than there might be with a straight up rogue.

While the spell thief takes some of the best aspects of both the rogue and wizard classes, things are done a little bit differently.  He or she still has the back stab ability, which is of course the greatest combat ability of the rogue.  And, he or she can cast spells.  However, at inception, the Spell Thief knows no spells.  He or she must steal them from others casting.  It can be a little bit of a hassle at first, but ultimately, it is a pretty cool idea.

As the Spell Thief gains levels, he or she becomes stronger in both aspects of the class.  All the various evasions and resistances are learned, and the ability to back stab improves.  Spell casting ability increases as well, and The Spell Thief can even gain a familiar, and learn to perform a 0-level spell (with exception) that can be performed at will.  At higher levels, The Spell Thief also improves his or her ability to, well, steal spells.  The Spell Thief learns to absorb spells, disrupt the castings of others, detect magic, and even emit an anti-magic pulse.

Playing a Spell Thief is not for beginners.  This class combines the two most difficult core classes to play, requiring extensive knowledge of the game to be successful.  For those who are capable though, this class offers all sorts of role playing opportunities.  It is rare that a game will be played with just one character and a dungeon master, but in those rare circumstances, the Spell Thief is a great choice.  Few classes work so well as the lone wolf.