How to Play Evolves Maps in Starcraft Broodwar

Starcraft Brood War has many different points which attract people. One of these is the “use map setting” maps that the players have created to provide an experience for gamers outside the normal experience from playing the game as it was intended to be played. One such map is the “evolves” maps.

The maps are really simple in design. Despite multiple versions of evolves, the main concept of each map is still the same. This map is extremely similar to two other types of maps, zone control, and mass attack games. There are two teams battling against each other, each player gets a bunker, 2 science vessels, and 4 terran infantry of the player’s choosing. Units spawn at the two science vessels infinitely, which also is one failing of the game, if the players wait too long before attacking each other, all the units will make the game very laggy. There is a unit in the middle of the map, which can be an observer, queen, scv, or any other units not useful in combat. There are eight beacons around the unit, and one can bring his unit to the beacon to move his army to that corresponding side of the map. The armies fight each other, and as each player get more kills, the units that spawn under the science vessels will become better “evolve”. The objective of the game is to destroy all the opponent’s bunkers.

Normal versions

“Normal” or the most common version of this map is usually dated with the year of creation, updated annually, and these maps have been around almost as long as the game Starcraft has been in existence. In this game, one starts out with zerglings, which evolve into zealots, firebats, hydralisks, goliaths, then dragoons. Each of these units have had their attacks and health changed for the game. The main strategy for this game is to understand the pros and cons of each unit; for example, air units can stack on top of one another, which allows for extra firepower with numbers, and is always useful when finishing off someone’s bunker, but not good for attacking archons, since they can do splash damage against units that are close together. At around the 16th evolution, the player gets goliaths. These can attack air with a 200+ attack, which is really useful since most units after it are air units with bad ground attack, but it has a low ground attack so the units right before it, which are marines and ghost, will excel. The best way to win this game is to amass a massive army while strategically draining away the enemy’s army. There is also a strategy to use the infantry units, preferably ghosts or marines, to support your army at the start of the game to get a head start and get range units before the other players, and gaining an edge in game. This is very risky and might kill these units which would be useful later on and might turn the game, so it’s not recommended for novice players.

Air evolves

A special version of this game, featuring only air units, air evolves, has come about since a introduction of broodwar. This version is not nearly as popular as the original evolves, but a fair few people play it. This map is much simpler than the original maps. At level 4, the player gets valkyries, and at level 6, corsairs. These units can do splash damage, which means that a mass number of them will destroy any air army, no matter what the size, and the main focus of this game is just to gather as much of these units as possible and prevent the enemy from getting them.

Hopefully these tips can help you compete better at the game. Good luck and happy gaming.