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How to Play Tournament Texas Holdem Poker

Tournament Texas hold’em poker is totally different from cash games. In tournaments, you have the risk of getting out of the tournament and cannot reload any chips, unless you are playing in a re-buy tournament. In this article you will find tips to win Texas hold’em poker tournaments.

There are two types of texas hold’em games. There is a limit texas hold’em poker game, and a no-limit texas hold’em. Most tournaments are no-limit poker, so in this article I will write about no-limit poker tournaments.

The Early Stage

The tournament can be divided into three parts. There is the early stage, the middle stage, and the late stage. In the Early Stages your strategy should be to save as many chips as possible and play tight. You should avoid all-in confrontations unless you are very sure of your hand. Be very selective with your starting hands, and throw away anything less than pocket 10s.

The Middle Stage

In the middle stage you have to accumulate more chips, and be less selective with your starting hands. The blinds will be high enough in the middle stages, and stealing blinds should become an important part of your game. In the middle stages, players are fighting to get into the money. Some people also consider the middle stage of the tournament as the stage when the bubble for money bursts. This is when short stacks play very tight, because they want to get into the money. So, you should start playing more aggressively and take advantage of this tight playing.

The Late Stage

In the late stage, your aim should be to win the tournament. In the late stages, you have already made the money, and should play tight-aggressive style. You have to bully with a big stack or find an opportunity to double up with a short stack. The blind levels get very high at this stage, and the game is about surviving them. Blind stealing is critical, and all-in confrontations are very common in this stage. Play according to the players on your table.


This is a basic guide to play in texas hold’em poker tournaments, and win them. The fee of the tournament will determine the level of play that is involved. You may have to adjust your strategy if there are too many loose or tight players on the table. You can make millions of dollars by playing tournament poker; so make sure that you learn how to play it properly.

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