How to Replace a Flint in any Zippo Style Lighter

Zippo’s are fun. They’re also pretty unique, and show you have a bit of style when you whip one out. The worst thing is when the flint goes however, because a lot of people new to such lighters have no idea why their lighter no longer sparks. Surprisingly, it is a relatively cheap and easy process, which once learned, will enable you to continue to spark up in style!

The first step is to take the main body of the lighter out of its case, as if you were going to refuel it. You will notice at the bottom there is a small screw next to where you would normally put fluid. This should be flat head shaped, although in the absence of a screwdriver, using the actual edge of the outer case works perfectly (this is what I do). After becoming loose, you should be able to take the screw off by hand; now put it somewhere safe and don’t do as i did, and lose it the first time i tried to replace a flint!

With the screw out, you should be able to tip out the contents of the hole that is left; a spring and then a spacer, which keeps the flint in place. Assuming the flint is worn down there should be nothing else.  You should be able to pick up a set of replacement flints anywhere that sells smoking paraphernalia, and the dispensers are very cheap. Take a new flint, and put it down the gap where the screw was, followed by the spacer (the right way round!) and then the spring (it is the spring which keeps the tension to keep the flint actually working). With this complete, we can tighten the screw back up, which you were keeping safe, with either the case or a screwdriver. Make sure it is tight. Now slip the main body back into the case; make sure it is the right way around and in properly. You should now find that you can get your lighter to spark again, and light, assuming that you have fuel. If you still seem to be having problems, you are either not refuelling correctly or have some other problem beyond the scope of this article.

You have just leaned how to replace a flint in any Zippo style lighter, and with a working Zippo, I guarantee your coolness will go up amongst people who also smoke. Good luck and happy lighting!