How to sell a Lego collection

Whether you want to liquidate your excess Lego bricks for some quick cash or you are ready to clean out your child’s toy bin, selling a Lego collection can be a rewarding experience. To be assured of getting a good price for your collection, consider the following tips.

Assess the condition of your Lego bricks

Before you post that “For Sale” ad online for your Lego collection, you will need to be honest in your assessment of the collection’s condition. A set that is still in its original packaging and has never been opened can command a higher price than one that is missing pieces or instructions. Inspect your Lego bricks and discard any that are discolored or broken, and clean any that are dirty or dusty. Dirty Lego bricks can be off-putting to potential buyers.

Find the right price for your Lego collection

How much should you charge for your Lego collection? You may want to do some homework before you set a price. If you have a specific set, then check out Lego brick exchange sites, as well as Google Shopping, eBay and the official Lego site for a guide to prices. Keep the condition of your set in mind when setting a price. If the set is missing pieces, then you will need to charge less than the current going rate for the same set in mint condition. To sell an assortment of bricks and Lego accessories, consider charging by the pound. Are you missing the instructions for a set? Check out for instructions for Lego sets beginning in 2002.

Sell your Lego bricks online

To get the highest price for your Lego bricks, you may want to consider selling online via Lego brick exchange sites, especially if your bricks are vintage or from hard-to-find sets. You can also sell via sites like eBay and Amazon. Include pictures and a full description of your Lego set in your advertisement, and be forthcoming with its condition, especially if the set is missing bricks or other crucial parts. If you’re not sure if your Lego set qualifies as mint condition, check out the site’s condition guidelines. Don’t forget to include fees to cover shipping and handling.

Use a garage sale to sell Lego bricks

If you’re focused on getting rid of your Lego bricks and aren’t too concerned about netting a profit, then consider selling your Lego collection at a garage or yard sale. Allow buyers to load up unused resealable sandwich bags with Lego bricks, then charge by the pound or by the bag. To attract Lego brick collectors to your sale, advertise via sites such as Craigslist and Gsalr. Offer a brief description of the Lego bricks available for sale, and include pictures. You should also include information if a Lego set is missing any items.

Donate what doesn’t sell

Are your Lego bricks still unsold? Consider donating what’s left of your Lego collection to a children’s hospital, favorite thrift shop, or school. Keep any records of your donation, as you might be able to claim it as a deduction.

Selling the Lego bricks you no longer want or need is an effective way to earn some extra cash while also cleaning out your home. If you are selling a Lego collection that belonged to someone else, then you will need to ask their permission before selling the bricks.