How to Sell your Lego Collection

For over fifty years Lego has been a staple gift for many children, with the little building blocks being used to inspire the imagination. Like many other children’s toys though few people would have realised that those small bricks would have become collector’s items, and in recent years there has been a growth in the number of serious collectors of Lego, although numbers are still small when compared to other collectibles.

To enable collectors to collect though requires people who are willing to sell Lego. Each year the Lego Company produces some two billion bricks, and two hundred sets, and although serious collectors may strive to own all of the sets, it is often the older sets that are really collectible. This means those who have their own childhood Lego collection hidden away in the loft or garage, may now be sitting on something worth money.

Selling your Lego collection can be a wrench, and it is not always easy to part with any collection, let alone one which has been with you since childhood. Parting with it though can be made easier by knowing that it is going to someone who will appreciate it, and also by knowing that you got a fair price for it.

There are only a relatively limited number of ways to sell Lego collections. Most sellers now utilise one of the major Internet auction sites, and in their own way these sites are excellent tools to sell a Lego collection. There are relatively low fees involved in listing and selling lots, and the sites are easy to use, but in many cases items will sell for relatively low amounts.

Internet auction sites are predominantly used for single items or small collections, but for larger collections, or for really rare pieces of Lego, it is often worth considering the traditional auction house. Many auction houses hold specialist toy auctions, which of course attract the specialist collectors and dealers. Higher prices as a general rule will be achieved at the auction house, but the fees for selling are normally a lot greater as well.

In recent years the number of Lego collectors clubs has increased, and getting in contact with these groups may open up potential private sales. In many ways this could be the preferred method for selling on a Lego collection, as it will be going to people who will certainly appreciate it, and the potential buyers will now what the sets are worth. This could mean that with careful negotiation a good price is achieved, rather than taking the chance of someone picking up a bargain on an Internet auction site.

It is important though to acknowledge that there may well be a higher sentimental price for the Lego collection than is recognised by its financial price. The highest prices are paid for the rarest Lego items and complete, mint and boxed sets.