How to Turn an old Suitcase into Attractive Storage

So many of us lack good storage space. Look around and you can buy any amount of plastic storage boxes and containers. Under bed storage is a popular choice too. But there are occasions when an unwanted item like an old suitcase can be transformed into a stylish piece of storage equipment.

A large hard back suitcase can be the perfect base for making a colorful and stylish storage solution. The first stage is to sit and give thought to your theme. Where is the decorated suitcase going to sit. For the purpose of this article the suitcase is going to be transformed into a chic storage box for a bedroom.

Before attempting to paint the suitcase you will need to lightly rub the surface over with a sheet of fine sandpaper. Make sure that the sheen on the outside of the case is rubbed away before you coat it with emulsion paint. This storage trunk is a decorative item rather than a workhorse. Once the surface has been sanded then apply the first coat of matt emulsion.

Pick a shade of emulsion paint that tones in with your décor. Matt emulsion paint looks good though you will have to give the case two or three coats to cover it properly. After applying each coat of paint give it plenty of time to dry off completely before applying yet another coat. When the paint is completely dry then you are ready to add the decoration.

Take a couple of sheets of floral gift wrap. Try to choose gift wrap that has large floral arrangements printed on it. Cabbage roses look stunning when they are cut out and placed onto a plain painted background. Use your sharp scissors and cut out the flowers that you have chosen to use on the suitcase.

Use some PVA glue and stick the flowers onto the newly emulsioned suitcase. Leave the decoupage to dry out before applying a couple of coats of clear acrylic varnish to seal the decoupage. If you would love to create an antique finish then that is possible. Using a folded sheet of fine sandpaper gently rub the surface of the paint. Just lift a few streaks of emulsion paint here and there to create a stylish `distressed` appearance. Wind some ribbon around the handle and finish it off by tying a large bow.

Load your new storage box with scarves, hats and leave the lid ajar to show it off to its best.