How to Win on Slot Machines

If you have a secret desire to win the lottery or some other kind of jackpot, you are not alone. While getting a lottery ticket is a somewhat mundane and quick event, casinos, on the other hand, have an enigmatic ambiance. This atmosphere, with hypnotic sounds and flashing lights, can be addictive. Gambling at a casino can also leave you wondering where the time, and your money, went.

While going after that elusive jackpot, most everyone loses. However, there is a way to make money in a casino, even if it is rare to hit the jackpot. This then raises the question: How to come out ahead?

Only Arrive with Limited Funds

Leave your credit cards at home and only take the cash you can afford to spend. Get your coins beforehand at the bank, not at the Casino Cage. That way you will avoid the advertisements they have set up at their counters. Also, keep in mind that not every trip will make you come out ahead. What budget you set depends on your finances of course.

Look Around

People come to casinos to get a fix. It is not just about winning money, it is about the whole experience. The casino industry knows this, that is why there are no clocks. The problem is, gamblers will burn through money very quickly and in order to prolong the experience, they can lose a lot. So, get your fix before you sit down in front of a machine. No, do not even think about the card games, keno, the roulette table, and any other games that involve casino employees – you will lose.

Walk around, do some people watching and observe the machines. Get to know the patterns of the machines, the betting lines, and what coins they use.

Select the Machines Carefully

You do not want machines with complicated lines that only pay when you play the maximum bet. The goal is to find a machine with the least amount of lines. The more you bet, the quicker you will burn through your money. Sure, payouts seem bigger, but: how long did it take to get to that payout? Remember, you want to have the longest experience possible while burning through the least amount of money and the longer you play, the more your chances increase mathematically to win money.

Divide Coins

When you break open your roll of quarters or nickels (do not go above quarters, you can play much longer that way), put most in the bucket and only ten coins in the tray of the machine. This will give you an actual visual aid of how much money you have left. Then, start playing only one coin in the slot at a time, using from the small pile of ten in the coin tray, not from your bucket.


It does not matter if you push the button or pull the lever, how long or hard you push or pull has absolutely nothing to do with the spin. This is only to make you think you are in control. The reality is that the machine is pre-set to spin the reels. You can test this easily by doing the following: Pull the lever and do not let it go. You will see that the reels will still stop, even though you are still pulling. The same goes for the button. Keep your finger on it, but the reels will still stop.

Each machine is pre-set for payouts as well. So, you will have to do some simple math in your head. Why start with ten coins? It is easier to do Math. Count how often the machine lands on a winning symbol with your ten coins and calculate the percentage.

If you get money back for anything above five spins, you should stay with the machine. If it is five or less (which means the machine’s chance of payout is less than 50 percent) walk away to another one and do the ten-coin gamble again.

Why bother dividing them in the beginning and not just play them out of your bucket? Because in addition to doing the Math, you will have a visual aid how much the machine pays. You can see how well the machine pays, or loses, by the amount of coins in the tray. If you add from the bucket, it will trick your mind into thinking you are winning, when in reality you are gambling with our own money.

Stay Away from Alcohol

There is a reason many casinos offer you free alcohol, and it is not because they love you. No, they want you to lose your wits and impair your judgment. So, stay with the soft drinks. Even better, eat and drink before you arrive.

Things to Remember

Now, you may not come out ahead necessarily in your first trip, but certainly will minimize the damage. This strategy may seem cumbersome and it may seem easier to go after jackpots, but remember that casinos are in the business of making money – yours – so machines will only pay out jackpots at pre-determined times when enough people have put money in them. However, if you stick with this strategy regularly you will come out ahead by simply using Math in your favor. It may only be $20.00 a week or so during a slow week, but is much better than losing.