Ideal Board Games to keep Children Occupied on the Train

Compared to airplane rides, train riders do not get that feeling of jetlag. Unfortunately, train rides can take longer than airplane rides. While on the train ride, it would take longer due to the speed of the engines and the frequent stops. If and when taking children along for the ride, you would want to have something to occupy them. Should you have a number of children along for the train ride, then you may want to look into board games. In the digital age, many games have been digitized due to the popularity and decreasing costs of tablet computers. With tablet computers such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, you may want to take one or two with you on the train ride. Loaded with digital versions of popular board games, that should keep those children occupied for the duration of the train ride to whatever destination you are headed to.

Instead of taking actual board games, you reduce space by having digital versions of those same games. That is provided that the children are responsible enough to handle such computer hardware with tender loving care (TLC). There are plenty of great board games, let alone digitized board games, to have on you.

Number One – Monopoly

Monopoly has been a classic board game for several decades. Primarily once a year, McDonald’s has its own Monopoly promotion contest. Even in the digital age, Monopoly is far from being an obsolete game. If you have a tablet or a laptop computer, you can download a digital version of Monopoly. If you are traveling with at least three or four children, Monopoly is a good game to have with you.

Number Two – The Game of LIFE

The Game of LIFE, like Monopoly, has remained a classic for several decades. This is similar to playing Monopoly. However, you are going through the phase of “life” itself and not trying to build a monopoly of things. If you are traveling with three or more children, then The Game of LIFE is an excellent game to have. Should you be carrying a few tablet computers with you, then get the digitized version of The Game of LIFE.

Number Three – Connect 4

Connect 4 has always been one of those classic board games. This is an excellent game if you are traveling with two or more children.

Number Four – Scrabble

If you want the children to engage in something that requires serious thought, then Scrabble would be an excellent game to play. Having to come up with words to use their play pieces would keep children occupied for a good portion of the train ride. If you are playing the physical version, make sure that all pieces are returned at the end of the game.

Number Five – Chess

Like Scrabble, playing Chess requires skill and critical thinking. However, this should only be for children that have an actual interest in the game.

Number Six – Checkers

Think of Checkers as a more casual version of Chess. While Chess requires much critical thinking, Checkers requires less critical thinking. For casual game play to pass the time on the train, a game of checkers should more than suffice.

Number Seven – Tic Tac Toe

Like Checkers, Tic Tac Toe is very casual. To really pass the time, Tic Tac Toe is a good game to have with you let alone on your tablet or laptop computer for the train ride. The game is quick and simple to play for the most part.

Number Eight – Mahjong

If you are traveling with only one child, then a game of Mahjong might be good to have. If you are using a tablet computer, then a digitized version would be good. A few games of Mahjong should occupy that child for a good portion of the train ride.

These are all great board games to have depending on how many children you are traveling with. With the popularity, easy access, and decreasing prices of certain tablet computers, you could get digital versions of those same games. Regardless of physical or digital, those same board games should do the trick.