Ikarium Online Video Game Reviews Ikarium

Ikarium is a browser based strategy game where you build up an empire. If you have ever played the Civilization series of video games you will be familiar with Ikarium. Your goal is to develop cites from the ground up and conquer your neighbors. In this game your neighbors are not computer controlled opponents but the other players in the game.

Game Play

As you enter the world of Ikarium you are presented with a town center and plots of land that can be used for other buildings. Each player starts on a random island with other players on it. Your goal is to conquer the free spots on your island and eventually expand to other islands and create colonies. Along the way you have advisors to help you with your progress. These include the town advisor, military advisor, diplomatic advisor, and research advisor. You have three game views to work with including town view, island view and world map view. Each island can produce two resources one of which can be produced by all islands. Each island also produces one of four special resources. Each island will produce different special resources so you will either have to conquer or trade for the resource to expand your empire. You can collect building material, marble, sulfur, wine, and crystal glass. Each special resource will do certain things for your empire like help build a building or create more happiness for your citizens. Building material or wood is found on all islands and is used to construct buildings.

You will need to assign workers to your resource deposits and once you develop a research center that will need to be assigned workers too. In your research center you will develop new technologies to help your empire grow. Each technology will take real life time to complete. Some technologies will take under an hour or less while others will take several hours or even days. You can shorten this time by upgrading your research center and assigning more citizens there to conduct research. Each building you construct and military unit will take real life time to complete. You can also build a navy and purchase cargo ships for trading purposes. As with all empire building games as you progress more units, buildings and technologies will become available. There is nothing new here as far as game play goes.

The Good

Since Ikarium takes places entirely through a browser, there is no loading time to get into the game. There is a large game community with forums where you can find help if you are stuck. The interface is easy to use and the game looks good for a browser game. You can upgrade your account with a paying account and get more statistics if you like. Many empire building games can be very complicated but Ikarium is quite easy to learn.

The Bad

Despite the good looks and ease of use Ikarium suffers from the waiting syndrome. In the game all buildings, units, and technologies take real life time to build. Once you select something to build you have to wait for it to complete. You can only build one building at a time and each building upgrade takes longer to complete. The wait times in the game make it very boring since there is nothing else to do. It would be nice to see some simple missions or a quest system. Once your empire is large enough this wait time isn’t much of a problem but for new players it can turn them off of the game.


Ikarium is easy to learn and to play with a nice interface and menu system. The wait times for buildings and units can make it boring since there is not much to do. If you like strategy games give Ikarium a try since it is free and playable anywhere on a web browser.