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Important Exhibits of the Louvre Museum Paris France

The Louvre Museum in Paris, France is one of the biggest museums in the world. Besides paintings, the Louvre Museum also has sculptures, jewelry, and pottery. There are countless exhibits in the Near-Eastern Antiquities, Grecian and Roman Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Sculpture, Islamic Artistic Creations, Prints And Drawings, Paintings, and Decorative Arts.

One of the most famous of the exhibits in the Louvre Museum is the painting of the Mona Lisa by the Italian Leonardo da Vinci. It is located in the Denon Wing. Although only 30 inches by 20 inches in size, it has been extensively studied since da Vinci started the painting in 1503. Leonardo da Vinci was also an inventor. He was born on April 15, 1452 close to Florence, Italy.

A commission was granted by Napoleon III to Visconti and Lefuel to finish the north wing linking the Louvre Museum and the Tuileries. It was completed in 1861 after his death. The halls of the Palais de Tuileries were lost, but the rooms in the Ministry of State opened in 1861 by Aile Richelieu still retain their decor of gold, marble, bronze, silk, and velvet. The wing that the rooms are in was named after Richelieu. There are also beautiful painted ceilings. The entrance gallery also leads to a large hall, small dining room, and large dining room. A large basalt stele with the Code of The Hammurabi inscribed on it is also located in the Richelieu Wing.

The Diana in Salle des Caryatides room contains Roman copies of ancient Greek sculpture. One of the most famous is named the Diana of Versailles. It is a circa 100 A.D. Roman copy of a lost ancient Greek statue of the Greek goddess Artemis. She was the goddess of hunting, wilderness, and wild animals. Her brother was the Greek god of knowledge Apollo. It is called Diana because the Romans had a goddess similar to Artemis they named Diana. It is considered to be a work done by the ancient Greek Leochares in circa 325 B.C.

A very beautiful painting in the Louvre Museum is The Astronomer by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. He finished the painting in about 1668. Its size is 20 inches by 18 inches. The person in the painting is not known for certain, but it might be Antonie van Leeuenhoek. The man in the picture is studying a celestial globe.

The Supper at Emmaus is one of the most beautiful paintings by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and is must-see at the Louvre Museum. The painting was finished in 1648. The painting is of the resurrection of Christ when he met and ate with two of his disciples. Rembrandt was a Dutch painter who lived from 1606 to 1669.    


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