Improve your Salsa Dancing Practice

You will have heard to phrase practise makes perfect while this is partly true what practise actually dose is make the actions practised permanent.

Practising away from the class is an important part of the learning process and you should be dancing Salsa as often as you can. It is important to practise the right moves correctly.

When starting take it slowly step out the moves and count out loud. As you learn each of the movements and the timing you will be able to speed up what you are doing.

Choose some slow tempo Salsa to start practising to even do it without music just counting; moving to faster tracks as you become more efficient at the timing and foot work.

If your class offers free dancing after the class use it to practise the moves you have just learnt to get them clear and fixed in your memory; remember to right them down.

If you can’t practise right after the lesson spend some time at home with your notes practising for at least half an hour within in the next 2 days after the lesson.

Here are some tips to help you practise.

Find a dance partner to practise with. Often people come the classes on their own; this presents them with a problem as they have no one to practise with. Find yourself a practise partner from your class who wants to put the work in with you to improve their Salsa. A word for both the ladies and men make sure your intentions are clear we don’t want and issues due to miss understandings.

If you are finding it difficult to find a partner come to the YouCanSalsa forum where we have a posting area specifically for finding dance and practise partners.

No practise partners don’t panic, you may think that this is a slightly silly suggestion but bare with us. We have all sang into an imaginary microphone or played air guitar at home; oh come on of course you have; no practice partner doses not mean you can’t practise!

Its time to dance with an imaginary dance partner step out the move and sequences as if you have a partner, remember count out loud to the music.

Imagine the lead leading your or the follower following your lead. Dance as if they were there with you; this is highly under rated and will teach you the moves and mentally prepare you to dance with a real partner.

Repeat the same sequence again and again. Learning is an art form in its self. Firstly you teach your brain the dance move or sequence committing it to memory. Secondly by repeating it over and over you teach it to your muscles. This is called muscle memory and it is a wonderful thing because after LOTS of practise your muscles don’t need your brain to tell them what to do; they do it all by themselves.

This gives you brain time to think of what’s coming up and what’s going on around you.

Dance with every one you can. We have said before that Salsa is a very sociable dance experience; its part of what makes it so enjoyable. This will help you progress your salsa dancing.

Dance with as many partners as possible of all levels. Don’t worry if they are the best dancers in the club Salsa etiquette, more of this later on, means they should dance to your level.

It pays to dance around with different partners as this will boost your learning and skill very quickly.

Got the rhythm in your sole then stop counting. We have and will continue to tell you to count out loud as this is the best way of getting the beat down and second nature.

There is a point where you will become a Latino where you will easily drop into the rhythm of the music. Soon you will be dancing like you come from Havana.

When practising as you become more proficient at getting the timing right stop counting out loud and do it in your head. If you drop the timing go back to counting out loud. Eventually you will even stop moving your lips and counting in your head; in fact you probably won’t even notice as you are having so much fun.