Is Blizzard Entertainments Starcraft Brood War a Good PC Game

Starcraft: Brood war is an expansion to the original Starcraft game created by the well know and regard Blizzard Entertainment Company.  For those who do not know Star Craft is a real time strategy war game where you control one of the three antagonistic alien races, the Terrans (cousins of us humans), the Zerg (strange aliens who shun conventional technology and use biological equivalents) and the Protoss (technologically and psychically advanced aliens) as they battle it out firstly for survival but ultimately for supremacy.

The basic game play is both simple and fun you have resources (minerals and vespene gas) which are then used to produce further buildings and units for your force as well as research upgrades and enhancements for your existing fighting units.  Game play is mostly via mouse pointer with use of Hotkeys for certain commands.  Games units react with the computer AI (artificial intelligence) if you are not directly controlling them.  For examples defenceless units will attempt to retreat and combat units will defend themselves, you can give the units basic commands such as patrol and hold. Playing the game is easy, mastering it though is extremely difficult and the many and varied interaction of different units and buildings and the variety of tactics available will have you playing for a long time.

Both a single player story mode are available as well as multi player games via direct links, across the internet, LAN or on Blizzards own Battlenet where hundreds of players can be found daily from all over the world.

Starcraft: Brood war enhances what was already a great game it introduces several new units such as the Terran Medic and the Zerg Lurker.  There is an entire new set of single player story based games to play with new missions for each race.  The game itself has been improved especially the previously erratic computer AI and enhanced graphics.  It also features a powerful map/campaign editing feature that allows you to devise and produce maps of your own with many new and exciting features using the triggers you can build into maps.  This also means there are endless maps and variations of game play out there you can download for either solo or multi player games.  Accessing Battlenet also means you can download different maps designed by many different people before access them and play them.

If you enjoyed Starcraft or Warcraft then Starcraft: Brood War is for you, it is an exciting and good enhancement of an existing game.  like all Blizzard Entertainment games it is of a high quality if a little dated graphics wise now.  If you have not heard of Starcraft (and where have you been) but enjoy real time strategy games I highly recommend Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood war too you.

A definite nine out of ten.