Is Chess a Waste of Time and Intelligence – No

It is not mere chance that so many books have been written over the years about chess and that so many people around the world choose to spend their time on this activity. Chess is a type of game that can become a lot more than just a simple hobby to kill time. It is more than just a game. It is a means to exercise the mind in a way that is unique compared to any other type of game.

Chess is definitely not a waste of intelligence, on the contrary, chess can significantly improve a person’s strategical skills and improve their way of thinking. During a chess game, the player learns how it is important to think before you act, to carefully plan your next move without making irrational decisions, to think about the consequences of the choices he makes. Such kind of thinking can be quite helpful, as it involves issues that we often deal with in our everyday life. Therefore, since playing chess can improve our thinking skills it can certainly not be characterized as a waste of time.

Furthermore, playing chess is a great way to spend your free time in a much more creative way than many other activities. It is definitely a lot more beneficial and substantial than just sitting on a couch and watching television for hours. At least when you are playing chess you get the chance to be with other people that share the same interest with you and share your ideas on various playing techniques that may not only improve your playing skills, but also your way of thinking.

In conclusion, chess may not seem as a tempting option to spend time for a certain number of people, but it is without a doubt a splendid activity that can fill in our free time with fun, while training our mind on how to think more efficiently.