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Is Dungeons and Dragons Satanic – No

Dungeons and Dragons is not satanic. People who consider it satanic need hobbies. Like maybe a good role-playing game. Like maybe Dungeons and Dragons. It is no more satanic than the financial de-regulation and homophobia espoused by those most likely to consider it satanic. It is best to consider this debate in light of the following: kids stay at home, in basement, rolling dice and reading fantasy stories from a book out loud with like-minded friends, OR kids go out, sacrifice dogs, drink feral blood, burn crosses and recite arcane Latin phrases backward until Cthulu rises from the depths to swallow all of the world’s kindness.

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly like that, but role playing games and satanism are as opposite as opposites can be. The simple fact is that these games foster cooperation, improve reading skills, involve some relatively in-depth calculation, and keep kids out of trouble, no to mention away from the television. Dungeons and Dragons fosters creative moral thought without trying to convince players that it’s all real. That is not to say that religion is necessarily an artful deceit created to bring in money and quell dissent. Instead, it serves to prove the point that this game cannot be satanic simply because it is not concerned with issues of real-world religious principles. It is concerned with, well, fun. You know, because it’s a game.

It is very possible that you’re sitting next to someone, though, who thinks that this game is satanic. If that is, in fact, the case, be advised that you should go somewhere else. Why? Because it is always wise to avoid insane people. Insane people, like those who may believe that this game is satanic, are often clever and can blend into society, appearing normal until they open their mouth and start telling you about how satanic Dungeons and Dragons is. It may actually be a good idea to start asking people whenever you introduce yourself to them for the first time whether or not they think that Dungeons and Dragons is satanic. This will undoubtedly help you to avoid wasting your time and will serve to weed out those with whom it would not be wise to cultivate a friendship because they are, as has been previously established, insane.

In conclusion, Dungeons and Dragons is not satanic because that idea is not logically sound and does not represent the thought patterns of someone with a firm hold on what most people, yes, even Dungeons and Dragons fans, would consider ‘reality.’

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