Is Your Doctor Just Guessing

That’s the question that Time Magazine asks in their excellent article, “Are Doctors Just Playing Hunches?” They take a critical look at our healthcare system and how prescription drugs are being used (or misused). For example:

Many doctors used to give anti-arrhythmia drugs to everyone who experienced irregular heartbeats after a heart attack because severely irregular beats could rapidly prove fatal. But then came the results of a randomized trial showing that patients with only mildly irregular heartbeats were more likely to die if given the anti-arrhythmia medication than their untreated counterparts were.

They explore similar problems with cholesterol-lowering medications and hormone-replacement drugs. This is an extremely important topic, and I’m really glad Time did this piece.

Evidence-based medicine has the potential to vastly improve our healthcare system. It could also play a major role in making our healthcare system more efficient and affordable, which is going to be increasingly important over the next few years.

Are Doctors Just Playing Hunches? – Link to article on, highly recommended reading!