Kids Crafts how to Make Glittery Snowflakes

When winter’s chill sets in, kids can get very bored; unless there’s plenty of snow outside, they’ll need a little something to do with their time.  Crafts are always fun and they teach children important skills that they can use throughout their entire lives.  Some of my best childhood memories are of making crafts with my Mom around the holidays.

In grade school, I remember making many great crafts and I always looked forward to that more than anything else.  We often took field trips to hospitals and nursing homes where we would proudly deliver our handmade crafts, as gifts, to the elderly and other children who weren’t as fortunate as we were. 

As winter approaches, it’s natural for kids to just dream of sledding in the snow, making snow people and snow angels; and creating glittery snowflakes is one of the most fun things to do, while anticipating that first wondrous snowfall.

You’ll need:

• A large bottle of Elmer’s school glue

• Colored glitter

• A large piece of cardboard

• Waxed paper or medium weight Mylar

• Soft-leaded pencil

• Scotch tape

Draw or use an old flat snowflake ornament to trace snowflake shapes onto the cardboard.  Lay several sheets of waxed paper or Mylar on the large piece of cardboard where the shapes are drawn or traced and tape them securely to the cardboard. 

Have the children to fill in the inner part of the snowflake shapes with glue from the bottle of Elmer’s school glue, onto the waxed paper, being careful not to (color-glue) outside of the lines, which they see through the waxed paper.

Once the shapes of the snowflakes, are completely colored in, with the school glue; then have the children sprinkle the colored glitter onto the glue-shaped snowflakes; covering all areas of the glue.  Then, shake off the excess glitter onto a piece of paper, fold and pour back into the glitter bottle to save it for the next snowflake ornament.  Lay the cardboard and contents aside in a safe place for drying, about 24 hours.

Once the glue has dried, the snowflakes will have the consistency of soft plastic.  Let the children peel the glue snowflakes away from the waxed paper or Mylar backing and punch a small hole in each one.  Hang with thread or string through the hole.

These glittery snowflakes can be hung just about anywhere; as ornaments in windows, on holiday trees, attached to gift packages or made into a snowflake mobile, using wire or a small plastic hanger.  It’s a great and fun way to spent time with the kids while watching their faces beam with anticipation of the coming snows.