Kukoo Kitchen Game Review Kukoo Kitchen Review

Rate 3/5

Kukoo Kitchen serves food to crewmen and aliens in deep outer space. Cater to tastes that include hamburgers, pizza, french fries, and a variety of drinks. Satisfy the customers and bring in more revenue with the addition of toys. Purchase new machines in the shop to add additional food varieties. Upgrade old machines for more options for the customer.

Kukoo is a cutesy dog, cartoon character. He is the director of serving the food. The machines are basic boxes with some outer decoration thrown in. They do operate rather quickly, so it is easy to keep up with the customers. The customers are a bit unique with the addition of the aliens but slide toward the cute side rather than being creepy. The room itself is rather small with the conveyor belt taking up most of the space. The only reminder of being in space is a small window and the map when completing a level.

The background music is annoying but upbeat. Explanations are spoken as well as shown in text. The voice is a little too high pitched for comfortable listening. The comments that accompany the completion of an order are highly repetitive and completely unnecessary. The machines make a mechanical sound when operating but get drown out by the background noise.

Kukoo Kitchen is a bit different in its design. Keeping the food choices familiar was a nice idea to keep interest. Adding toys to the meals for the possibility of extra income is a good idea. The cartoon characters will find more appeal with females than males. Little children will love watching this game. The game is really easy to pick up and play. Levels are completed fairly quickly, making this a good game to play in-between projects.

The biggest drawback is this game is that only one upgrade is allowed each level. This limits the choices when a new piece of equipment for a new food item appears. Another problem was the game might not be challenging enough for older players. They will most likely breeze through the levels at a blazing speed.

Kukoo Kitchen is a family-friendly game that will appeal to those who love cutesy cartoon characters. The appeal is definitely more feminine than masculine. The easy play makes this easy for children to play. However, because of the low difficultly level and the speed at which each level passes, it is a game I will not be buying.